Why List Your Louisville Home With Us?

Entrusting your Louisville area home to a Realtor is a major decision!  There are many factors involved, and unless you're actually a part of the real estate industry, you probably don't even know what questions to ask.

When selecting an agent to market and sell your home, you should consider the following:

  • You need an agent with a mastery of marketing/packaging your home, and exposing it in the right way to as many Buyers and agents as possible.  Each home is unique, and represents a unique marketing opportunity!
  • Your agent should have a good grasp of the area where your house is located, or at least be proficient in analyzing recent sales to determine how to maximize your proceeds.
  • You have to feel comfortable that your agent will communicate with you effectively and honestly, and on a schedule you prefer, and,
  • It's important that your agent be well-respected by his/her peers.  Like anyone, Realtors may avoid doing business with an agent they don't like, or worse, don't trust.

In our opinion, these are key success factors in selling a home in Louisville and the surrounding communites:

  1. It must look its best.  We have all read that you shouldn't totally renovate your kitchen in order to sell -- and that's 100% true.  Many major improvements will NOT pay for themselves at sale, and these include kitchen renovations, addition of or major renovations to bathrooms, room additions, etc.  However, the keys to getting the best sale price are to 1) Remove objections! Some things leave buyers totally cold -- yesterday's wallpaper, brightly colored counter tops, dirty walls, animal damage, etc.  Correcting these defects is absolutely critical if you want the best price, and it's usually not expensive,  2) Simple additions -- sometimes, replacing a vanity or adding a couple of pieces from Pottery Barn will dramatically change the look of a room.  Basically, you want to maximize the home's appeal without making extensive changes.

  2. Staging is almost always a good idea - what Buyers want most is that "model home" look -- simple furnishings, neutral (NOT WHITE!) colors, furnishings placed to accent the positives, etc.  We recommend staging to most Seller clients.  Just as a dealer might shampoo the carpets and replace tires (in other words, make a small investment) to sell an auto, it's often sensible to do the same with your home.  The investment may be a little larger, but the return on this investment can be dramatic.  A good Realtor will know the difference between sound investment and wasting your money.

  3. Pictures sell homes! - Yes, the words do matter in terms of filling in the details, but Buyers are very emotional and the photo gallery will capture their attention.  Think of it this way -- about a third of Buyers locate their homes via the internet, and another third through the agent they have selected to help with their purchase.  Buyers and Agents (two thirds of your target market) both study the photo gallery in determining if they want to see a home, so it's critical that you not "settle" for dark, overexposed, shadowy or otherwise poor quailty photos.  We use professional equipment or professional photographers to frame your home in the best possible light.  Of course, it helps a lot of the home has been freshened a little and staged -- see above!

  4. The details do matter -- Writing the text for a listing is an art. People are very different! Some Louisville-area Buyers have very little patience for lots of words, so the things that matter have to be said quickly.  Others will read the details, so it's equally important that the facts be there for those readers.  It's also very important that the agent notes (the part the public doesn't see) answer every question about how to see the property, contact information for homeowners association, etc.

  5. Exposure is critical.  A great photo gallery doesn't do any good if nobody sees it.  Honestly, every listing automatically goes to Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com and all of the real estate "Portals".  Just to broaden our clients' exposure, we also post listings on Craigslist, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter and more.  In addition to broadcasting the listing as widely as possible, we use interactive voice response systems and other technology to make our listings available everywhere Buyers might be looking -- including mobile technology to optimize the search experience on cell phones and other "smart" devices.  Our listings speak to who we are as a team, and we want every one of them to be spectacular!

  6. Communication is key -- We assume that our listing clients want to hear from us at least weekly, and more often if there is something that they might need or want to know.  When you list with us, we will discuss when you like to be contacted, and how.

  7. Reputation MATTERS within the Real Estate community!  Agents like to work with other agents that they like and trust. While there are over 3,000 real estate agents in the Louisville, Ky. market, a few hundred of us do virtually all the transactions (the 80/20 rule applies).  It's important that agents know if they write an offer on your home, we will respond quickly, we will act ethically, we will use the latest technology to expedite the transaction, we will negotiate in good faith and we will get the sale to the closing table. Also, agents know that they can reach us, and we will return calls as quickly as possible, etc.

Real estate sales are complex.  Our job is to handle everything we can, with your permission, and make a complex set of relationships, legal requirements and marketing a simple matter for you!

So, if you're thinking of listing a home for sale in the Louisville, Ky. area and surrounding counties, please contact the Moorhead Team (below) and let us tell you how we make it happen.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.  You won't be disappointed!

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