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Obviously, before you begin visiting homes, you should carefully consider what you want in your next home near Louisville.  It's a good idea to get all of the decision makers together to determine price range, must haves, like-to-haves, areas of the city or counties where you might be willing to live, and more.  Make a list of these things, and don't think about looking at any homes that don't meet your "must have" requirements!  Hopefully, you will be working with us so we can "coach" you through the process.  For more information on how to select homes for viewing, check out the section on Buying a Home in Louisville, KY.

Once you feel fairly comfortable with your list of wants, please discuss with us so we can tell you whether your expectations are realistic.  Sometimes, you may not be able to get everything you want in the area you want to occupy for the price you have chosen, but we can help you identify all your options.  Also, it's smart to involve your Realtor at an early point in your search.

Planning to View Homes

Once we have put a "list" of homes together, we will organize an outing to go see them!  It's best to start this planning at least a day in advance, as Sellers will usually:

  • Mow the lawn (seasonal),
  • Clean the interior of the home,
  • Put away anything that shouldn't be out in view when potential Buyers come through, and,
  • Make arrangement for the family (often including pets) to be elsewhere when the home is "shown".

We will call to make arrangements to see each home.  In many cases, the listing agent will need to call the Sellers of each home and ask for permission, then let us know it's OK to view the home at the time requested.  Once this work is done, it's better NOT to cancel or re-schedule unless it's unavoidable.

Some Sellers, sometimes, will allow the home to be shown on the day the request is made.  However, it's better to ask the day before so the Sellers have an evening to prepare the home for showing.  We do our best to accommodate our Buyers' needs in every instance!

To complete the plan for your viewing trip, our team will prepare a packet for each person who will be viewing homes with us.  For the most part, the packet will include MLS listings for the homes we will be seeing, as well as places to take notes.

During the Viewing

We will usually suggest that you keep score while we are looking and take lots of notes!  After going through a few homes, almost nobody can remember if it was the second or the fourth home that had the kitchen/family room/basement/lawn that your family really liked.  We suggest you make a + and a - column on the listing, and record the things you did and didn't like about that home.

Also, it helps to crystallize your overall opinion about a home if you give it a "score".  Usually, a "1" will mean "no way, no how", while a "5" means "buy it before someone else does"!  We will normally suggest that you remove any home that scores less than a "3" from your list -- those are unlikely to be your final choice!

Repeat Until You See "The One"

When you love a home, you will usually know it within a minute or two.  Usually, if the foyer and public spaces are beautiful, the rest of the home will also be.  You will want to consider how you will live in the home, who will sleep where, what you will do when you have guests, whether the lawn and location meet your needs.  Most people will see somewhere between 6 and 15 homes before making a choice -- less if we are REALLY careful in selecting homes that we know will meet your needs.  We will look at additional homes until you are ready to move ahead with an Offer to Purchase! (as described in our section about Making an Offer).

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We have the resources, local knowledge and expertise to help make sure your transition is as smooth as possible.

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