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Should I Buy/Sell in the Winter?

Should I Buy or Sell a Home in the WInter Months?

Well, as you might expect, "it depends"!

Most people envision the "spring rush" as the best time to buy or sell a home.  In truth, homes sell all year long, and what matters most is the "ratio" between the number of homes listed and the number of people who are out there looking to buy.

To make the point, 1,415 homes sold (closed) in June of 2013, while 1,052 were closed last December.  So, December closings were almost 75% of June's.

Here are a few thoughts about when it makes sense to buy or sell:

  • As you can see above, homes sell all year round in the Louisville, KY market.  Part of this is due to a (usually) temperate climate, and the fact that Buyers are able to view homes and gain information about them year-round using the internet.
  • While Buyers are usually distracted in late November - December by holiday events, Realtors' phones usually start ringing right after the start of the new year -- this year is no exception.
  • If you need or have to sell in the winter, it's not such a bad thing.  There are fewer homes on the market in the winter, so the ratio of homes to buyers is similar.
  • If your outdoor areas are a strong selling point for your home, it's better to wait until everything is green, your pool is beautiful and your lawn is at its finest!  However, if you know you will need to sell in the winter months, you can leave big, glossy photos of your outdoor living spaces inside the home so Buyers can see what summer will be like if they live there!

One thing is a constant all year long, winter or summer.  Well-prepared, fairly-priced and nicely-staged homes always sell quickly, while those that aren't are much more likely to sit.

In general, the experts are predicting that 2014 will be a very strong year for local and national home sales.  We expect the...

Time-Lapse 4-Minute Video of Louisville, Ky

Time-Lapse of the Louisville Area

This four-minute time-lapse of the Louisville, KY area actually took more than a year to create.  Credits are at the end.  If you have a big monitor, go to full screen -- quality is AMAZING!  Click Here.

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Many Believe Sales will Surge in 2014

2014 Home Sales Predicted to Rise 10-15%!

Almost all of the housing experts are very "bullish" regarding expected sales volumes for 2014.  There are several factors at work here, and almost all are positive!

First Time Buyers

The soft economy over the past few years has prevented many would-be Buyers from leaving their parents' homes.  With jobs hard to find and incomes low, many young Buyers were either unsure that they could find/keep a well-paying job, or were not in a position to be approved by a mortgage lender.  In addition, most careful first-timers won't move ahead with a purchase unless they are reasonably certain that they can make the required mortgage payments and maintain the home for the foreseeable future.  All of this has slowed what experts call "household formation" over the past several years.

Decreasing unemployment (althouth still not as low as we all would like) is helping to alleviate these concerns.  Also, young Buyers are becoming more familiar with the expectations of the mortgage industry -- taking steps like checking with a lender several months before starting to look for a home (just to be sure there are no credit "skeletons" which need to be banished), getting a pre-approval before starting to shop and having a clear picture of what they can or should spend for a home.

If you're considering buying your first home, we would be happy to share our "first-time buyer" presentation with you or sit down with you to discuss the process!  Just give us a call, text or email.

Move-Up Buyers

Many people have postponed moving up to their dream home for two main reasons: 1) Declining home prices in many areas have left them "under water" in their current homes, meaning they would have to do a short sale (which precludes getting a mortgage for a few years) or bring a lot of cash to the closing table, or 2) With shaky economic conditions and fear...

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